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Micro site optimization
Micro site is small fragment of a website, it’s like the stem or node of a big tree, it is also referred to as Mimi site. Micro site is a derivative of main website or parent site. It posses totally different properties with separate URL, by the term separate URL we mean that it take help of other websites and a co domain is used to create a mini site like abc.wordpress.com. Here we are using help of another website to create our own site. These sites are created basically to support the main website by providing you (User or Visitor) with a navigational path link that will lead you to the main website. Micro sites are used for both commercial and non commercial purposes.
Seosolutions.us is a company that helps too actually gain profit from micro sites we not only create them but we also turn these websites into a profitable commodity that will for sure pour some amount of money in your pocket.

A micro site seo can be used as a powerful tool to commercially promote your business and we utilize its potential to fullest. For example a company wants to open a new pizza shop at a specific location or want to expand its business to another part or city, they can not create a new website for there new expansion well but they can create a mini website that will provide information of the they to pizzas the company is offering in that specific region. As it is considered to be compact version of the company's most vital features,and what they are offerings in that specific region. A Mini website is not typical like a website its more counter communicative with the involvement of masses. Through mini website we can provide as link to your main website that will provide all specific details about our website.

All of the micro and mini website are not created with a commercial mind set. Some of them are made with leaning purpose people usually want to share the knowledge the have gained over there life. Instead of just providing you an over view these type of website are usually more informative in the senses that they provide you with the key factors that are required on your part to know from bit to scrap.

Seosolutions.us promote Micro- site concept that provides cutting edge possibilities from SEO point of view. It’s a proven and most effective and efficient for result oriented SEO. Micro sites seo are basically created to target a small groups if they are well managed you can even get access to entire country.