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Off-page optimization
One of the most critical part of web optimization includes the off page optimization factors. The off page optimization factors count 60% of all of the optimization activities that we perform. We at Seosolutions.us cam help you with high end result oriented search optimization services. Our services are cost and time effective and efficient. Your SEO methods help you in defining, evolving and growing your business at best affordable price. Our SEO strategies give leverage to your online business. At Xpertwebdeveloper’s key and prime role of Search engine optimization is to bring your website up in grading of search engines search results. Of Page Optimization factors are basically combination of number of tasks which when performed collectively can do magic for you and your web based business. We can help you in an effective and efficient manner to attain high rankings in search engines. Of Page Optimization basically works on the principal of symbiosis i.e. mutual sharing. The word mutual sharing means that we take help of other websites to promote our website. Some of the key tasks that can help you in optimizing your website are defined below.

Off Page Optimization activities consists of number of activities that are performed using other websites which are discussed in detailed manner:-
Article Submission
Article Submission: - It’s the process of submitting your content (Article) in to number of article directories on the web. There are certain rules for article submission i.e. you must not submit the same article in all article directories. You should submit one article in thirty to forty articles directories. As over submission give a negative feed back to your web content and its relevance nearly ends up. One of the most note able points that need to be focused on is that the article that you are submitting should be original content.
Social Bookmarking
the term bookmarking originates from the book marks that we keep in are book to remember the page number. Social bookmarking basically helps you (Your article) to stand on the top of search engines search list. Popular bookmarking such as stumble upon, Digg and Diigo, Propeller and many more can generate a huge amount of traffic on your website. To use it effectively you must write interesting content with captive title.
Blog Commenting
A blog comment is differentiated into two categories on the basis of properties inherited by the blogs. Do Follow Blogs and No follow Blogs? Do Follow Blogs are those that are crawled by Google, while No follow blogs are not crawled by Google but they are crawled by other search engines. Do follow blog commenting provides you a back like it a uni directional channel to get links.
Link Building
The most important and most crucial part of Off Page Optimization. It’s a mutual two way channel to exchange or share links with other website to be specific by the term links we mean that we are exchanging the URL’S of the website.
Press Release
It’s similar to an article but it is specifically related to release of a product that is to be launched or that is launched.

There are many other things that constitute or composite the Off Page Optimization factors like Directory submission, Web 2.0 Blog creations. A fine and balanced combination of all these factors along with On Site factors can help you in achieving no one position in the search engines search list. We are the company that experts in the art of OF page optimization.