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Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click that is popularly abbreviated as PPC is the most befitting technique to generate revenue on web. It is offered by various search engines such a Yahoo, Google, Bing and couple of other companies. You can use it as a part time income source or as a full time auxiliary income source. Well the mode revenue through which you can earn money is banner, adsence and number of others.
This is organized in hierarchical order with different levels there are various benefits but it’s a slow and steady process to avail most out of it, one need patience and a vision that can only lead one to sustain in this market.

When your click count is Zero it means you are not earning anything well when your click count is more than one it means you are getting something out of it.

Abc is a company that helps you in managing your PPC campaign at each and every stage of it to make sure that you get most out it.