SEO, Search Engine Optimization
Ignoring search engine optimization is to ignore their customers. Most of his customers come from search engines. No matter if you're selling screws to 0.03 € or professional services, for whatever business activity, people are always going to the first search engine results .

Search engine optimization of Maismedia get top rankings because our method of work is the following premises:

  • Good organization.
  • Clean scode.
  • Smart Linking.

Our work is based on logic and expertise over several years, do not promote miracle. We rely on the experience and ethics.

Chances are you have a notion of what is the positioning and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).
But we invite you to read to learn more about our tools, methods and philosophy.
Innovative SEO Tools
Work ethic in search engine optimization and long-term work, here's how it works:

First, we work with you to map your business objectives and their audience and the questions used to find it. After selecting the best keywords (phrases under the most appropriate and least used by its competitors), will use its objectives, a list of keywords and our prediction formula, so we can maximize the impact of his campaign for best return on investment.
Then the team of web development and design of MaisMedia review your site and make recommendations that will make your site as accessible as possible to the search engines.
Site Contents
We work to improve the existing site content to improve the target without changing the identity of the content or meaning. That could mean small changes in text, or add new pages. When we add new pages and sections to your site, we make sure the content is original and created by us as part of the content of your site. This accomplishes three things:

  1. Their site includes good original content and a high degree of relevant keywords, which can be "indexed" from the search engines quickly.
  2. The faithful visitors of your website to find this new content as normal, you will see that the identity of your site is intact.
  3. When a new visitor comes to your site from a search engine, we know that see the new content relevant to your search. This maximizes the chances that visitors will become customers.
Registration and management
We register your site in major search engines and directories, and make recommendations on any payment method we can help you achieve your goal. Google does not require registration, but other search engines / directories require other methods of entry in their database, sometimes to pay, which in certain cases are worth to achieve their goal. In addition, Google offers Google Sitemaps service; MaisMedia regularly generate and send your Sitemap to Google.
Size and Fit
Maismedia constantly reviewing traffic to your website and your ranking in search engines, make adjustments and content code.
Text links
Link popularity remains an important part of a successful SEO campaign. We get quality links to improve your rankings.
Proven Results
Our search engine optimization strategy gets results. Clients who hire us for a period of six months of the campaign receive at least a 200% increase in search engines, with an average of 500%.
We do not give an absolute guarantee, no one who is devoted to ethical SEO can give it, and Google agrees with us. Know why . However, if spending 3 months and no improvement in visits or positioning, we will refund the amount invested