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Social Bookmarking
Xpertwebdevelopers is a company that understands the importance of Social networking for this reason we have a separate cell at our office with dedicated work force that sensitizes in creating a social network for your website. We are providing you with an broad overview of Social networking via Social Boomarking and the working methodology behind it.

Today Internet is one of the biggest networks across the globe. This network is combination of hundreds of small networks which are interconnected to each other. Gone are those days when the access of internet was in the hands of some people. In the age of ever
changing technology where every one is becoming a part of this global revolution, the world has become like a small village. The traits of social bookmarking can be traced back to the days when people use to keep bookmarks in there books to remember that they have read till this or that page. In context of internet, during the early days when ever people found some interesting or innovative website they used too bookmark that website so as to remember it. Well the web browsers are already facilitated with a bookmark option they simply save the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of that website.

But with the changing time and advancement in technology, a new system evolved. The new system was called social bookmarking. The working methodology of social bookmarking is same to bookmark any thing you like on web but with a slight change. Here users can bookmark any thing that like on web and also share it with other users.

Now a day’s many social bookmarking websites have been launched and are available for your service some of the popular once are Digg, Stumbelupon, Fave and many more. The have threaded up a network where people are interrelated with one another. To avail there services you only need to create an account on these websites and your journey in the world of social networking begins from here onwards. These website are facilitated with the option of providing you with to submit your story (URL of the specific page). After a short span of time your shared bookmark will be reflected in search engines search results. Well you can share a large number of things like Video, text or entire website. It is basically practiced to share your work with people all around the world and it’s the best way to reach out to the people as Social Bookmarking helps in sharing things via social network.